AUTEM was established when its founder observed that law firms commonly mistook business development for marketing. Working globally, from the USA to the UAE, it was clear that this misconception was international and that many firms worldwide were missing out on opportunities to generate new revenue streams and improve profit margins.

Having been approached by numerous director-level and C-suite individuals from a variety of disciplines, seeking guidance on their business plans and business development strategies, it was clear that there was a gap.

AUTEM was founded to fill this gap.

Working with AUTEM to achieve a perfect score

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100% of our clients recommend us

Events are not just branding exercises – we have achieved over 100% ROI for each of our clients’ sponsored events

100% of new clients were cross-sold into another practice group or service line within the first year

Since working with AUTEM, 100% of our clients say they are significantly more confident in their own ability to manage client and prospect relationships and develop their practices

100% of our clients believe we have added value to their business

100% of our clients saw improved profit margins within one year

Today, AUTEM provides result-driven solutions to firms and individuals in the following sectors:

Law firms

Legal services/tech firms

Litigation funders

Accounting firms

Financial service firms


Engineering and construction firms