Take a look at your logo. Everybody else does.

Gone are the days of the obligatory scales of justice or the judge’s gavel icons and illustrations. Whilst we can argue that iconic motifs can be useful, overused concepts do not enable you to stand out from the crowd.  If we can agree that dated ideas executed in traditional ways are now not necessarily appropriate, relevant or successful identity solutions, then why do we still see so many law firms with dated, ineffective, badly considered and unattractive logos?

We are not suggesting there is a need for all to be updated with minimalist, ultra-modern replacements. However improving the design and creating a contemporary feel should not alienate your customers or make you appear irrelevant within your industry, quite the opposite. 

If you are proud of your relevant, professional, up to date approaches then why shouldn’t your branding compliment and compound this. The old fashioned face of law is changing for the better, is yours?

We understand that not all industries require the same approach to branding, let Autem work with you and create a logo that will stand out from the others for all the right reasons. 

Your logo is the first component that people see, make sure it says everything right about the company it represents.