What our clients say

Suzanne Orfali (Director of Business Development Consulting at AUTEM) will, quite simply, make you money. Her approach to business development derives not only from her technical knowledge and experience of the area, but also from her unique intuition into what makes the difference when potential clients are making choices.

In law firms, business development is all too frequently confined to tweaks to standard literature, updates to biographies and generic client alerts, but Suzanne focuses on what will really stand out to targets and clients in the areas where development is needed and she ensures materials appeal to the client’s needs.

Suzanne will also go the extra mile to ensure you meet with the right people, follow up in the right way and remain in control of achieving your business goals. Suzanne does not advise on business development; she ensures you develop business.

Jennifer Wheater
Counsel / Linklaters

We’ve been working with Bobby (Director of Branding & Identity) for a solid ten years and have had impeccable service and resounding results on every project designed and product produced. Not only have we received constant support and thorough feedback throughout, we have gone back to AUTEM with projects we thought were impossible and they’ve made it possible. Bobby’s and his team are familiar, friendly and professional. Above all, they are a team you can trust in 24/7.

Damaris Evans
Managing Director / Damaris

As the recession bites, the ability to differentiate yourself from the competition is paramount. AUTEM are an organisation capable of delivering a competitive and creative edge that allows us to compete for business effectively.

Rob Ramsey
Asset Manager / Threadneedle

By instructing AUTEM, businesses benefit from:

An outsider looking in.

An outsider looking in is better placed to conduct situation analysis and opportunity spot, than an insider looking around.

Solution based approach to

AUTEM was founded by a ‘problem solver’ that has a precedence of creating effective and creative solutions for law firms and SMEs.

A flexible resourcing model.

We practice what we preach. We work with our clients in a manner that works for them. By understanding our clients’ businesses and needs, we offer our clients solutions that work for them.

A reduction in overheads.

Consultants are not employees. We think of ourselves as our clients’ business partner and we continuously strive to generate value for them.

At AUTEM, we want our clients to succeed and their success is key to our own business.

If not, you may wish to speak with AUTEM. How organisations manage their business development impacts every layer of the business. Organisations lose out when they lack clearly defined goals or when their people are not familiar with successful strategies to achieve them. This impacts the organisation’s culture and ultimately its bottom line. At AUTEM, we help our clients build an organisation of business development savvy professionals. We teach them our methodology, and typically, once our clients learn our systems for capturing and leveraging opportunities, they become more successful in their efforts. We have found that when our clients generate ‘wins’, this has a positive impact on work place morale and builds bonds amongst and between teams and practice groups. If you would like to learn more about our proven methodologies for successful business development, please contact us.

Strategic business development identifies businesses and people you want to work with and uses proven methodologies to onboard them in an intelligent and considered way. If you want to know learn more about how AUTEM can help you win new clients, contact us

If not, you may be missing out. Strategic alliances are an important component of business development. Strategic alliances can be a positive source of transferred credibility – which can have a huge impact on all businesses, especially start-ups or businesses entering new markets or regions. When suitably managed, strategic alliances enable businesses to generate traction with a pool of potential clients and prospects, as efforts have the capability to cast a wide net. One move can ultimately generate multiple new relationships and clients. AUTEM helps its clients identify, establish and grow key relationships with strategic alliance. Contact us to find out more.

New business development involves managing systematic touch-points and understanding what your prospects really want from their service provider. When these touch-points are not managed, momentum is lost and often, with that, so is the opportunity. AUTEM consultants are trained in managing relationships with prospects. As such, we help our clients to convert prospects to new clients, and to deliver a service that their clients want to receive. If you would like to know more about how we can help you and your business manage its relationships with prospects and clients, please contact us.

AUTEM approaches sponsored and in-house events as tactical enablers for business development. When we work with clients who have invested in a sponsored event, we focus on generating actual returns that ultimately translate into revenues for our client. This means considering initiatives that are focused on prospect to client conversations. If you would like your businesses to be more effective in generating ROI from events, please get in touch with us today.

Strategic business development seeks to enable conversations. We have our own strategically devised methodology which enables conversations for the professionals we work with. Our formula has enabled our clients to connect to prospects and peers and has directly contributed to their bottom line. If you feel you or your organisation would benefit from this, please do contact us.