Operational efficiency directly impacts a business’s bottom line. Implementing operational systems, enables firms to provide a higher level of client service and deliver solutions in a timely manner. Operational efficiency means opportunities are easily identified, enabling appropriate action to be taken.

The foundations of any effective business development and marketing effort is founded upon efficient systems. These systems help firms manage their knowledge and market intelligence. They enabling firms to respond seamlessly to opportunities when they present themselves. Effective knowledge management systems enable firms to, respond to RFPs by minimising the resource input, saving time which can be used elsewhere; submit for legal awards or legal directory submissions with ease; or write marketing collateral with a supporting repertoire of representative matters. Operational efficiency means spending less time doing the same thing, and diverting the time resource to making a difference.

We work with law firms to help them build supporting and effective business development and marketing systems which include:

  • Comprehensive client relationship management (CRM) system (we work with third party technology vendors to enhance CRM function to suit law firm operations)
  • Representative matters database
  • Legal directory rankings and awards database
  • RFP monitor
  • Client feedback monitor
  • Favourable outcomes
  • Thought leadership monitor
  • RFP response templates

Speak with us on how we can help you develop efficient knowledge systems at your firm to help you go further.