About us

Autem was established in 2014 to help law firms identify and create opportunities to generate new revenue streams and improve profit margins further. During this time, we have developed our inhouse capabilities to provide technology and branding services lead by our director team.

Consultants are not employees and can be a cost effective way to bring in specialists to get the job done properly. Despite not being employees, our successes are aligned with our clients’ and we view ourselves as our clients’ business partner and continuously strive to generate value for them.

An outsider looking in is better placed to conduct situation analysis and opportunity spot, than an insider looking around.

Autem was founded by a ‘problem solver’ that has a precedent of creating effective and creative solutions for law firms, SMEs and multinational organisations.

We practice what we preach. We work with our clients in a manner that works for them. By understanding our clients’ businesses and needs, we offer our clients precision solutions at the right price.

For firms looking to set up business development and marketing, we are their partners, helping them establish operational systems, setting up their marketing collateral, strategic alliances, branding, website, and strategy before helping them recruit and train permanent employees to effectively man the department.

Meet our people

AUTEM people specialise in their disciplines and form a collaborative team that ensures a high-performance culture. We make a real and positive impact. 

Meet our people