We have worked alongside managing partners, partner groups, technology directors, finance directors and human resources  in helping to create organisational models that support the business goals. Business development and organisational development are closely related and firms that align and weave the two disciplines are able to successfully optimise business successes.

Business development is rooted in people activity, thus we implement strategic models that align firm goals throughout the organisation has a real impact on how effective business development is at a firm.

We create lawyer career development plans that sit within the organisationís framework and operate as a matrix of clearly defined KPIís and metrics - providing lawyers full visibility on where they are, and the direction they and the firm are going in.  In aligning goals firmwide, organisations operate more focussed teams and generate better outcomes as a strategically aligned business.  

We are a specialised legal sector consultancy and with over 20 years of experience in engineering client solutions.

Contact us to discuss your organisational development  needs at enquiries@weareAutem.com.