First impressions count. We support law firms and legal businesses by creating recognisable and powerful logos and brands.

A logo is the visual icon that identifies a firm. A logo must be instantly recognisable, relevant and attractive. It is the foundation from which market sentiments such as credibility, knowledge, trust, and professionalism develop.  

Whilst we can see and touch the logo, the brand is intangible. It is the concept that the logo represents. In other words, when market players looks at your logo, what do they feel? Think? Believe?

A logo must align with a firmís organisational goals. A firm that wishes to compete on an international platform, or win high value quality matters, must have a logo and brand that is aligned with international players and the market it is looking to penetrate, but yet be unique and distinguishable.

The visual impact of all the marketing collateral your firm needs starts with the logo and we work together to develop your brand so that your firmís visual identity represents the your firm in a way that supports your goals.