Most lawyers receive no or very little training in business development and marketing. Yet often, are expected to understand how to manage client relationships, or how to sell legal services. For a few, business development and marketing comes naturally. But, for many, it is an area of uncertainty and, as with most uncertainty, causes discomfort and can make some lawyers feel nervous. As a result, many capable lawyers shy away from business development and marketing as it is the unknown.

Ackert Inc, a technology platform for sales, conducted a survey of over 100 law firms of various sizes for a study in 2018 called Business Development Trends Across Law Firm Demographics. In this study, it found that sales and business development coaching was the highest revenue generating strategy. Beating the impact of other popular strategies such as cross selling, thought leadership and sponsorship.

Training can be delivered through individual 1:1s or in group sessions. We maintain close relationships with firm lawyers to both coach them on next steps, or provide training relevant to them.