To put it boldly, you should consider rolling out a firmwide organisational and business development strategy so you can effectively compete with international firms. Here is why.

You know your national laws and have full rights of audience in your country’s courts and so you truly understand how contracts and matters are interpreted in the courts. This knowledge and perspective is a great USP, yet, more often that not, international  law firms operating from satellite offices seem to attract quality clients you aspire to work with.

What sets international law firms apart from regional players?

  1. International firms are accessible. They have good websites, and are easily found online as and tend to have good SEO. 
  2. International firms tend also to be ranked by legal directories which helps them in the credibility and trust stakes. Getting ranked helps good quality clients  find you. 
  3. International firms operate with business sophistication. Operating to international standards is appealing in the globalised world. But what does that mean practically for a local or regional law firm?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. Your firm’s handling of client matters.
    Do your colleagues communicate with one another and work cohesively as a team? Efficient client matter handling is achieved through communication.
  2. Your firm’s approach to client service.
    Are client’s made aware of progress and kept up to date?
  3. Your firm’s people strategy. 
    Are you operating as a one man band? Or can you demonstrate breadth and depth of expertise across your organisation?
  4. Your firm’s accounting or invoicing procedures. 
    Do you offer your clients exotic fee structures that work with their business?
  5. Your firm’s branding.
    Is it outdated? Or relevant and aligned international law firms?
  6. Your firm’s website.
    Is is outdated, riddled with cliché and unintelligible statements or is it aligned with international law firms?
  7. Your firm’s marketing. 
    Are you marketing to your clients and prospective clients in a credible way? Are you sponsoring credible publishing platforms to demonstrate your expertise?
  8. Your firm’s recognition. 
    Are you ranked in the legal directories? Have you submitted for any awards or ranking by a credible legal organisations?