Many law firms sponsor events as a marketing or promotional exercise. Marketing doesn’t sell, building relationships however does.

Sponsored events cost firms thousands of dollars. In addition to the cost of sponsorship, other costs include employees taking time away from their work, and for events held in other cities or countries, the cost of getting there and being away from home.

Sponsoring events can generate positive ROI’s if you have a plan.

We call this the BDA, in other words, the “Before, During, After”. The idea is to target prospective clients and strategic alliances and use event sponsorship to connect with them and build relationships.

Before: Convert your cold prospects into warm prospects
What is your strategy for before the event?
Who do you want to meet?
How do you plan on meeting them?

During: Make the connection

After: manage your relationships
What is your next move?

What is stopping you? Become unstoppable and consider BDA for your next sponsored event.