So you think you are a top tier firm? Or, a leading litigation firm? Or, should be recognised for your corporate transactions?  Yet you are not recognised by any legal directory or, perhaps you are, but you are ranked lower than you should be.

The legal directories are an essential resource for general counsel, buyers of legal service, as well as international private practice firms in helping them shortlist or identify firms that operate in relevant jurisdictions and in key practice areas. Without any prior relationship, being ranked and recognised by the legal directories is a key route for such clients to find you, and one they can trust, being vetted by an impartial third party, that is both reputable and credible.

Why is being ranked important?
Being ranked and having lawyers that are recognised has a multiplier effect across your entire organisation, lifting the market’s perception of your firm, and subsequently attracting more and better opportunities. It is one way you can connect to opportunities that would otherwise have no way of finding you.

How does a law firm achieve ranking?
You need to submit to the legal directories each year and demonstrate consistent quality of work, firm practice and innovation.

You should maintain close relationships with your clients and submit a referee list, knowing that those individuals will say positive things about your firm – supporting any ranking.

During the legal directory’s research, other legal practitioners from the local market will be asked about you, your firm, and your colleagues. Thus, maintaining a good reputation in the market is also important.

Anything else? 
It is vital that you maintain records of what you have worked on and who your clients are, and proactively implement activities that lift your firm from an organisational management and technological perspective.

How can Autem help you?
We write your legal directory submissions for you. Our copy writers each have over a decade of experience in compiling legal directory and other legal award submissions. Should lawyers be invited for an interview, we coach and help them prepare so nothing is left to chance. If you are interested in getting ranked by the legal directories, speak with us today. Each  law firm is an individual and we will put together a bespoke  plan to help you get the ranking you deserve.